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DDoS attacks can be exceptionally annoying in most cases. DDoS attacks are of course illegal (without authorization), as they overload a website’s network capacity or consume all of its resources in order to cause it to stop functioning properly; in most cases, resulting in the website being inaccessible to the public.

Depending on the type of DDoS Attack you are receiving, there are typically multiple ways to mitigate the attack. We have just updated our website and have added a page with details on what DDoS attacks are, why they are bad, and how to mitigate them. Check out this page -> to read more!

Are you looking for a privacy-focused hosting provider that provides DDoS protection to host your website? Today, we’ll give some suggestions.

For maximum privacy, you’re going to want to host your website somewhere in the EU. If you require a great amount of DDoS Protection for your website, we highly…


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